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Apparently, half the staff (and all of the stylists) were in NYC doing a styling seminar. Nouveau Skin Care The remaining staff was not the best, as they told us over and over again. I booked these appointments for my visiting friends before my baby months in advance. I was coming into town and had asked around for recommendations of good spas – especially since my friends were coming in from NYC and Boston and expect great things. During the time I booked and arrived, I talked to the spa on several occasions. So, I was really embarrassed and upset that the no one from the spa let me know that we would be getting sub-par, rushed treatments and that I would be sharing my makeup artist with another clientOverall, the pedicure was supposed to also include a manicure. The man who did it took too long, and we didn’t have enough time left to get the manicure too. The massage and the blowouts were all great, though the stylist on one blowout kept telling one of my friends how inexperienced she was and so my friend gave her a lot of direction. My makeup was okay. The main reason I went was to get fake eyelashes, as I can’t put them on myself. My fake eyelashes weren’t glued on correctly and kept popping off throughout my event. This was mainly because my makeup artist was delayed and then had to stop in the middle of doing my makeup to go do another client’s hair dye.I have no idea what the spa is like when the full staff is there. It looks very pretty and everyone was very nice. However, I would not go back after our experience.

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