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Introduction to Programming for Musicians Hello fellow ChucKers, Musicians, and Listeners You are going to hear music of the November 2013 Finals of the Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists eight weeks course introduced by Ajay Kapur of CaLARTS (California Institute of the Arts) delivered as a MOOC format through coursera. The music you will hear is entirely programmed solely with computers with the use of the miniAudicle (DAW) [©Ge Wang and Perry Cook] All chuck programs (music) were written by student learners on the course. At the end of each week we had to submit our programs to be listened to and evaluated by our peers. Through that process I managed to download 749 tunes. Alone on the last, 8th week, they were 430, it took me three full nights, one after the other, to listen to and to evaluate them. When I liked a piece of music or when I was impressed by a composition I kept it. I did the course so that I could write my on backing for guitar. But little did I know that this awesome, wonderful and exciting and exhilarating music would fall into my hands. So, please let me say my thanks because I feel gratitude towards my fellow peers whose music I appreciate so much. Thank you all, my chucKers!!! Xoxox Some technical details: You will hear 62 different separate tunes; the music is in mono (sorry!) although mixed down as stereo because I just simply don’t know how to get a chuck file into Cubase. It’s okay for me, though. I’m going to use these sounds as a backing for my guitar playing and at a performance it’s all coming out of a single speaker amplifier, anyway. I recorded the chuck music with a looper and then play it into the DAW, making hardly any changes. I only let each piece play twice and overlapped the music where appropriate and adjusted the volume of course, that’s all. For chucKers only: I had prepared eight written phrases for the evaluation process because I didn’t have the time to think of new, down to the smallest detail, praises or critic. Then for three nights in a row I copied and pasted my way through 430 peers. Each single one of you got all full six marks from me. I was greedy and I wanted as many brilliant tunes as possible. After all that, I had 749 tunes. Then the “next” project started by listening to all of my new downloads in peace, without pressure. It started really well, hearing all these brilliant and breathtaking tunes, I was impressed. I marked up over 70 of them as really outstanding exceptional pieces of music. Then on the contrary, after hearing all those out-of-this-world tunes, the others sounded suddenly bland, dull, and even naff* in comparison. So, I recorded 62 tunes, in no particular order, on Cubase. Each tune (1 min) is between 1 min 30 sec and 1 min and 54 sec long. I let all of the tunes play twice at the appropriate section and I let each tune blend and morph into another whenever musically possible

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