Shinya Mizoguchi
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Los Angeles, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

Producer/multi-instrumentalist fusing beats with jazz, R&B, soul, chill, emotion, and love.


“White Label EP” (Soulection) - Dec 2013
“Touching The Void feat Mikezilla” (Single - Loodma Recordings) - May 2013
“Eternity” (in “Beautiful Sounds Pt1” Loodma Recording) - June 2011
“Komorebi EP” - February 2011

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A native of Tokyo, Japan and now resident of Los Angeles, California - starRo, the rising sun whose story permeates much farther than the music he makes, but rather an embodiment of sacrifice, persistence and passion, is now solidified as one of Soulection’s wisest, and most experienced music makers. starRo makes soulful electronic music, period. And he makes it with the utmost diligence and craftiness that requires listeners to participate with absolute, undivided attention. Listeners in end, leave the journey mystified and elevated to a sultrier state.
starRo’s musical maturity and ability to captivate an audience of world wide music lovers comes second to none, and inspires many of his Soulection label mates in their music making processes. Having toured the United States, Canada and throughout Asia, playing alongside artists like Astronautica, Kero-One, WISE (Teriyaki Boys), and Soulection co-founders Joe Kay and Andre Power, starRo pulls his creative inspiration from not only eclectic artists like Stevie Wonder, Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Neptunes, Sly Stone, J Dilla and Bill Evans, but also the visual arts, architecture and nature, his father and all sushi chefs from around the globe.
Remnant of mid 90’s R&B, paired with lush chords and atmospheric melodies as his forte, starRo’s sound is now ready to be embraced by the larger international, electronic beat scene. After dropping a very successful, and passionate, Soulection White Label release in December 2013, generating over 240,000 plays in the first month, starRo’s resonance has left everyone anticipating his forthcoming project in late 2014. 2014 will also see starRo showcasing w/ Soulection at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March, as well as an early April Asia tour through Japan and Korea with label brethren, ESTA and The Whooligan.

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