breakmaker xx3.2 [breakbeat harvesting]

Published by s_sto [[ catharsis in glitch ]]

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routing original beats through FX for break harvesting. like, i make original breaks, run that shit through mad FX, then export the aftermath and cut it up into ridiculous breaks for live performance. this is one of my break harvesting projects, and this was a live recording where i was shifting parameters and occasionally re-triggering and changing the beat patterns inside of an audio environment, the audio recording of which i'll go back to later and cut out original breaks for live Ableton sets. the flow drops a couple times, but listen through, there's a lotta dope shit in there. pps making this shit crashed my computer three times, once during a simple audio playback. nice. #audio #Breakcore #breakmaker #Breaks #hardcore #Original #feedback #ssto #producer #dnb #drum #and #bass #heavy #core #noise #powernoise

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