Ryan Barnes
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Mount Vernon, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

I am a film student who is currently located in Mount Vernon, Washington. My home town is a great place for city living and exploring the natural world in many of the parks and hiking trails. We are mostly well known for our tulips around spring time. Added bonus is I am only an hour north of Seattle and 40 minutes south of Bellingham so I have many locations to choose from for whatever my films require.

As a filmmaker I feel most drawn to story telling. I have a hard time focusing on only one genre because there are so many awesome ways to tell stories. I want to explore the visual story telling medium and discover the limits and see if I can go beyond.

My short term goals at the moment include passing my classes with an A, posting daily to my youtube channel, and be part of a film scenius (a gathering of creatives to share and discuss ideas). Within the next 5 years I want to have my Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography from Full Sail University. I also want to be working full-time as a writer and director for myself or as a member of a film crew. My life long goal and dream is to own my own production company and make films for Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and whatever other new and successful technology brings.

The jobs I am currently looking for are writer, director of photography, camera operator, or editor.

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