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Brain is placed in the top body portion which is called head. Accelerin The blood flow to our brain being placed on the top of the body is quite low. The special ingredients included helps providing proper blood flow to our brain and provide all the required nutrition to our brain in order to perform well. boosts the focus which as a result boosts the learning ability of brain. It gives our mind more clarity and decreases the reaction time so that we can perfectly produce faster results. It also boosts our memory recall process and provides you more energy to utilize the brain in a faster way without getting professional terms we talk about memory techniques. A study by the University of Arizona has found that "self-perception" is a useful way to enhance learning and memory later information. It is to imagine yourself in the position or act a certain way linked to the meaning of what we can learn. For example, if I have to remember to buy apples and milk, it would be something like Imagine yourself picking apples from the tree or by pouring milk into a glass. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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