SECRETS OF THE SLEEPER by Karen Lynn Bennett | Official Book Trailer

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0 Starting over in your hometown is like getting a tattoo removed. There’s a cost, there’s pain, and there’s a scar. Who knew moving forward after your mother’s murder would mean rewriting your past. Tru Parker traded one kind of crazy for another. Werewolves and vampires Real. No kidding. But no magic and no virus like in the movies. And they have different names - Usemi and Akharu. It’s almost too much, but she can’t stick her head in the sand any more because she’s changing into something else. Not sure what yet. But she can do some weird stuff now. None of this is the best way to restart a life. But when your last friend standing is your BFF and a force of nature with a makeover mission, the impossible happens, like the addition of two gorgeous guys at your lunch table. It’s never that easy, though. Between trying to fit in and discovering no matter how hard you try you won’t ever be like the rest of them, like you may not be human…well, it’s time to resort your priorities. And number one is finding out the truth, whatever the price #video

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