The Burning

Published by Victor Spiegel


The Burning is from a section of The Flight of Quetzalcoatl from the Aztec Epica Nahuatl. The founder of the Aztec culture, Quetzalcoatl departs, dies, and is reborn as the rising star. The Burning It ended on the beach It ended with a hulk of serpents Formed into a boat And when he made it, sat in it And sailed away. A boat that glided on those burning waters No one knowing when He reached the country of Red Daylight It ended on the rim of some great sea It ended with his face reflected in the mirror of its waves The beauty of his face returned to him And he was dressed in garments like the sun It ended with a bonfire on the beach where He would hurl himself And burn, his ashes rising and the cries of birds It ended with the linnet, with the birds of turquoise Colors, birds the color of wild sunflowers, red and blue birds It ended with the birds of yellow feathers in a Riot of bright gold Circling till the fire had died out Circling while his heart rose through the sky It ended with his heart transformed into a star It ended with the morning star With day and evening It ended with his journey to Death’s Kingdom With seven days of darkness With his body changed to light A star that burns forever in that sky. #audio #mythopoetica

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