Don't Look Down

Published by Victor Spiegel


Don’t Look Down Upon the Earth Is originally from an Ilahi (sufi spiritual song) by one of Turkey’s greatest poets- Yunus Emre. Don’t look down upon the earth You don’t know how much it’s worth Below your feet are the highest souls Ten Thousand prophets lie beneath. The first one: conscious, self-aware Learned the names, under Eden’s care Gave it up for all the world The Prophet Adam lies beneath The one who carried sand all day From his tears he made it clay Laid the floor of Kaaba Abraham lies beneath Dropped in a well for many days Sold as slave to Egypt’s ways Rose to sultan of the land Prophet Joseph lies beneath The one whose body’s torn and ill Thanked Allah and praised him still Patient through this bitter pill Prophet Job lies beneath His staff was changed into a snake Hit the sea and made it break The one who ruined Pharoah’s take Prophet Moses lies beneath Allah’s lover, best of friends Healed the sick and help them mend Sultan of all the prophets and saints Muhammed lies beneath. Yunus you will also die Buried below the earth and sky There’s a lot of hypocrites Stuck inside the best of crypts. #audio #mythopoetica

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