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Markut is an Altaic Shaman song, from A Shaman Climbs Up the Sky, adapted from Mircea Eliade’s Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy. This, as did most of the other songs, went through several permutations, mostly removing music and vocal material, then adding the flutes and hand drum. “When I am called to treat a patient, I go into something like a trance & I compose a song, or I revive one for the occasion” (Isaac Tens, a Gitksan shaman). Invocation to Markut, the bird of heaven This bird of heaven who keeps Five shapes & powerful Brass claws (the moon Has copper claws the moon’s Beak is made of ice) whose Wings are powerful & Strike the air whose tail Is power & a heavy wind Markut whose left wing Hides the moon whose Right wing hides the sun Who never gets lost who flies Past that-place nothing tires her Who comes toward this-place In my house I listen For her singing I wait The game begins Falling past my right eye landing Here On my right should #audio #mythopoetica

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