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For Creation, I wandered through the Technicians of the Sacred book, and, culled ideas from a variety of cultures and traditions about The Beginning. I let the resulting text seep through my fingers. As usual, Adria understood the deeper context of the idea, and brought her awareness and vocal expertise into becoming the Weaver of Time. The movement and the Naming of the World seems a very basic need in every cosmogony. Creation She sweeps in her arm in a circling motion Calls up light from the darkling ocean In the ashes she draws an arc Within the center she makes her mark CHORUS From her fingers spray a sultan’s treasure Endless worlds without measure A drop of blood encodes the light As she forms it from the web of night Sparkling yarn between her hands She pulls it taut and time expands Your beating heart now awakes to see The Golden Garden of the Wisdom Tree. CHORUS From the caves across the steaming land She breathes into each glowing strand A whistling, warming wind spreads wide The shuttle in the loom of life begins to glide. If you listen you will hear her name In the mountains or the deserts it’s the same, In the oceans or the trees of pine She is the Weaver of Time. #audio #mythopoetica

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