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professional selection criteria writers. If other applicants simply state that they use MS Office, your response has to be better because the degree of use is evident. An applicant showing a higher degree of use should beat an applicant showing a lesser degree of use, but it doesn’t say that in the criterion.

Another challenge is actually meeting selection criteria. Say the above example said, 'Demonstrated ability to use the MS Office Suite of software programs in an accounting office. What difference do you think that would make? Heaps. It would automatically disqualify any applicant who hadn’t used the software in an accounting office. (But that’s not a good reason to chuck in the towel).

Here’s a list of top tips to help you write high quality selection criteria writing:

Tip 1 Use their words in your examples
Tip 2 Make sure your language is specific and active
Tip 3 Clearly articulate the benefits achieved at the end of each instance
Tip 4 Choose examples that are as closely aligned as possible to the role you are applying for
Tip 5 Research carefully both the department’s webpage and the position description in order to carefully select the most relevant keyword phrases to use in your written example cases.

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