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Lancing, United Kingdom
Last online: 7 months ago
xrt4 Clan-Xtra Rocket Team4 The people in the clan: BORN2K1LL1981 and XRT4 KiLLza48 dralex47 ivGERRARGiv-not in the clan need new person FavouredSlinky7/tonyethan DJBlue comet LIAMTRON14 COD ASSASSINS88 Sophie715 The people in the team: XRT4 Lego games XRT4 Steve XRT4 QU1KSC0P3z XRT4 SHooTer12 xFlameHogx WiseGlint075 Skype name:xrt4clan All are email: The Official xrt4 clan email address: xtr4.clan@gmail.com If you wish to contact us for work or to show a map please email us at: contact.xrt4@gmail.com If you wish to Send us anything to us. Email please email us at: sendme.xrt4@gmail.com