My pitch has been accepted. Now what?

Great news! Your pitch has been accepted and you’re ready to start work. But what are your next steps? We’ll talk you through the process.

Your pitch has been accepted - celebrate!
Your pitch has been accepted – celebrate!

Save your accepted pitch email:

If your pitch has been accepted and you’re invited to work on a buyer’s project, you’ll receive an email notification from us.

It’s a good idea to keep this email handy as you’ll be able to access your project brief through it at all times

When your pitch has been accepted, manage your project from this page.
When your pitch has been accepted, manage your project from this page.

View your project brief:

Click the link in the email to visit the project brief page. Now, you’ll see the project brief, with the manage brief panel on the right. At the top of the page you’ll see a banner which explains your next steps.

Message your buyer from the manage briefs page.
Message your buyer from the manage briefs page.

Message your buyer:

The first thing you’ll want to do is message your buyer to ask them for any remaining project details and the go-ahead to start work on the project. On the manage briefs page, look down the right-hand panel until you see the message button. Click it to send a message to your buyer. Any messages that you send through the manage briefs page will be accessible from your messages page too.

A simple contract will do.
A simple contract will do.

Draw up a contract:

One good piece of advice before you start working with your buyer is to draw up a contract. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or full of legal jargon. Just something that you and your buyer both agree to, that outlines the details of the project – what the scope is, what will be achieved, what belongs to who etc. If you decide on these terms before work starts, then there won’t be a difference of opinion at the end of the project.


This freelancer's project is going swimmingly.
This freelancer’s project is going swimmingly.

3 foolproof tips for happy buyers and successful projects:

– Make sure you understand the brief.

– Listen to what your buyer wants.

– Keep your buyer up to date with the project progress.


Don’t get burned:

Your buyer should only ask you to complete work that was specified in the original project brief. Don’t feel pressurised into accepting major changes to the project brief once it’s underway, such as budget changes, or new additional work that wasn’t part of the original project brief. Remember, the Twine team are here to help and can always be contacted through our support centre.


Send drafts through Twine.

Send drafts:

You can send your buyer regular project drafts through Twine for them to check. To send files through Twine, head to your manage briefs page again. Look down the right hand panel again until you see the send files section. Click send files. You’ll see a message that asks whether you’re sending drafts or your final project files. It’s important to click NO at this stage. If you click yes, you’ll initiate the completion of your project. Send your project drafts via Dropbox or a URL (such as Google Drive, OneDrive etc). Make sure your buyer has permission to view the folders you’ve created.


Protect your draft work.
Protect your draft work.

Protect your work:

Before you send any work to your buyer, it’s a good idea to give it some protection. Our article on how to protect your creative work will show you how to do this in more detail.


Send your final files through Twine.
Send your final files through Twine.

Send your finished project files:

When the project reaches completion and your buyer is happy with the work, send them your finished project files through Twine. Use the same process as sending drafts but this time click YES when you’re asked if you’re sending final files.


Your buyer will send payment through Twine.
Your buyer will send payment through Twine.

Your buyer will pay:

Once you send your final files, your buyer will be notified. They’ll send payment to Twine, and then Twine will release the payment directly to you.

Leave a rating:

Straight after you’ve sent your final files, you’ll be asked to rate your buyer. Leave a score out of 5 stars. Your buyer will do the same for you, once they’ve downloaded the final project files.


Now your project is completed – get it out there! Either yourself or your buyer can upload the project to Twine and credit your role on it. Share your project directly from Twine to all of your social networks. Did you know we feature the 3 best collaborations every week on our staff picks page? All the more reason to get promoting your project.

Do it all again:

Keep building your reputation and your portfolio by taking on more projects.




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