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Looking for:
Film Director

Networks music video (3:22) with possibly another artist too.

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Posted 3 hours ago
K Beat
 Houston, TX, USA
Looking for:
Podcast Producer

I need someone to take an audio file on a weekly basis and turn it into a podcast.

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Posted 1 day ago
Looking for:
Rap Artist

Looking for an experienced rapper who would like to hop on an upcoming track called Forged In Hell. A hardcore Electronica/DnB hybrid style.

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Posted 1 day ago
 Austin, United States
Looking for:

Need a plenty of singers/songwriters! I have some great project in many EDM Sub Genre, or we could make a new one if you insist!

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Posted 1 day ago
 Bekasi, Indonesia

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Success Stories

Creatives and companies working together on Twine have produced some great projects. Here's some highlights:

Frank's Story:

Twine are proud to share the story of Frank Mouqué, a World War Two veteran. Using the Twine community we were able to help Frank return to a French town he helped liberate in 1944, through virtual reality.

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Card deck:

Graphic designer Anne Marie created a fantastic investment deck for a new startup. Anne Marie helped the company get their feet off the ground and in front of investors with her eye-catching card deck.

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Illustrator Shayla Bond created these stunning look book illustrations for fashion designer Sarah Volkov. Shayla really understood the style Sarah wanted. We think the results are fantastic.

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