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About Us

Empowering creatives to take control

Creative freelancers, like musicians, filmmakers, designers and photographers, often struggle to build a network that lets them collaborate on projects and find paid work.

Twine brings creative people together. It breaks down geographical boundaries to help them find collaborations and paid work.

Our Team

Our team are passionate about empowering creatives. Meet the team here.

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Our Values

We’re adventurous, bold and part of something bigger. We work together and make sure we’re always improving. We know our community, and our community knows us. We’re curious, fun and give great customer support. We never over complicate things. We’re here for the tough times and we fight your corner. With us, the glass is always half-full.

These are our values. Welcome to Twine.

Our History

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Our Vision

A world where all creatives are connected and have control of their own destiny.

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