Twine Platform: Q3 Updates & Releases

2020 hasn’t been an easy one, but we are delighted to say that it’s been a year of massive progress for the development of the Twine site.

Freelancers who’ve been long term members of the community users will have seen more development on the platform over this last quarter than for many years previous. We are therefore taking this opportunity to do a round up, and look back over the first of many updates rolled out over the past three months.

We also want to thank each member of our community that has contributed to site development by taking the time to share feedback. Your unique insight absolutely shape our priorities and informs on our choices around development journey.

Keep reading for the roundup, and a sneak peek into what’s on the agenda for Q4.

Updates & Releases

July – September:

  • More info on job briefs: Additional role specific questions added to:Animator / Animation / Explainer video & Music Composer
  • Improved privacy: client information on job details hidden unless freelancer has pitched or is Pro subscriber
  • Freelancer ranking clarification: Visual update to the ranking banner
  • Job filtering functionality: ability to filter out inactive jobs with ease
  • Better jobs & better pay: introduction of a £/$ 30 minimum job value (& 100 character minimum job description length)
  • The ability to track money paid in & money paid out: brand new Earnings / Payments pages to track money coming in, and money coming out
  • Clients can now find freelancers with ease: Browse functionality released
  • New & improved workflow to hire directly from freelancer portfolio
  • Collaboration board is live once more
  • Additional freelance roles: freelancers can now have five roles associated with their profiles rather than three

What’s On The Agenda For The Rest Of 2020?

  • Payment system
  • Portfolios
  • Messages
  • Pitches!!
  • Domain migration to

In Closing

A huge thank you to:

The Twine community for your contributions.

Darius, Tom & Shaun: our ever busy dev team.


Want to give your thoughts? Look out for our next Feedback Survey and let us know what to focus on next.


George Shuter

George Shuter