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The key to getting the animation you want is to make sure you give your freelancer a fantastic project brief. That way they can meet your needs exactly. Creative freelancers can only thrive if you give them the right information. If you miss out vital information from your animation project brief, you may end up receiving a sub-standard animation.

It can be hard to know what information to give your creative when you’re planning your project. You have no idea how they work, so how are you supposed to know what they need from you? Luckily, we’ve provided an example of the perfect brief for an animation project. It has all the information the freelancer needs to get started on your project.

Each section we’ve included is important and provides the freelancer with vital information about your project and your company. If you’re struggling to get off the starting block with your brief, take a look through our example brief for some inspiration. We’ll talk you through the ins and outs of each section and explain why it’s all so important.

Example animation project brief:

Project name:

Your freelancer is probably working on lots of different freelance projects, so give yours a name to distinguish it. It’ll help you keep organised too.

About our company: FarmFair is a startup that provides organic veg boxes and meal kits direct to our customer’s doors. Our company also gives farmers a fair price for the produce they grow. We are a small business of 30 employees and have been active for a year. Currently we only serve our home county, but over the next 12 months we hope to expand to be nationwide.

Why does the freelancer need to know about you and your company? Giving them the whole picture helps the freelancer create the most appropriate animation for you. A family-run business may want a very different animation to a huge corporation. Tell your freelancer what you do and how you do it.

What do we need? We are launching our website and we need the user experience mapped out.

It might seem obvious to you, but tell your freelancer in plain terms what exactly you need. This will help them scope out the size of the project, and ultimately how long it will take to complete.

Why do we need it? We want our site to be intuitive and easy to use.

This might seem completely obvious to you, but sometimes spelling out the motivation for your project can be really helpful. It gives the freelancer extra insight into why you need an animation; do you want to reach new customers, are you changing your business, are you branching out into new technology? All this extra information will help your freelancer do a great job.

Our vision for the project: The video should show the journey of a veg box from the farmer’s field to the customer’s kitchen. It should show how smooth and simple the process is, and visualise the variety of fresh veg we can offer compared to supermarkets. It should also show happy farmers, as they get a fairer deal on their produce when they sell through us. The video needs to encapsulate our core company ideas – organic, fair trade, healthy and simple. The style should be a 2D animation, using only our brand colours. The style we like is a simplistic faux paper cut/collage style, which has been proven to resonate with our target audience. Our logo should be displayed at the end of the video. We are happy to receive suggestions/changes.

If you already have a vision for your animation, write it down in your project brief. This will help the freelancer hit the ground running and could shorten the delivery time. You and your freelancer can develop the concept together. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want yet – mention this to your freelancer and you can talk through ideas together.

Other needs:

Think about what you need.

Video length: Under 2 minutes.

Try to estimate a video length. Even if you don’t know exactly, a rough guideline will help the freelancer work out the scope of your project.

Examples of styles we like: https://vimeo.com/31278912 https://vimeo.com/110145354 Where will the video be used? Primarily on our website landing page, but also on our social channels (eg Facebook and YouTube).

Sometimes it’s hard to describe a style you like, so show your freelancer the type of thing you like. Include images, links to other animations you’ve seen, colour pallets, fonts – anything that will help your freelancer get a good idea of what you want your finished animation to look like.

Target audience: Our primary customers are young professionals with disposable income and middle class families. Our customers are health conscious, aware of ethical issues, with an interest in cooking wholesome food for themselves or their families.

Your target audience is a vital piece of information that your freelancer should know. It’ll help them design an animation that’s specifically targets that section of the market and helps you draw in the right custom.

Deadline: Our website will launch on the week commencing 20th October 2016, so we need the video in time for this launch.

When do you need your project to be completed by? Don’t forget this crucial detail.

Budget: $2,000 – $3,000

How much will you pay for the project? If you have a budget in mind, include it in your project brief. If you have no idea, you can discuss costs with your freelancer.

Point of contact: You should report to Ian McBride, our marketing manager.

Who will your freelancer be dealing with? Make it easier for remote workers to communicate with you by making it clear who their point of contact is during the project. There will be extra questions and work that needs signed off, so make sure your freelancer gets straight through to the right person.

Project constraints:

If there are any external factors that affect your project, remember to include them for your freelancer.

When you post a project brief on Twine, you can add a fully comprehensive project description. This will help you find the right creative and ultimately get the project you want:

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