Example music production project brief

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The key to getting the music production you want on your track is to make sure you give your freelancer a fantastic project brief. That way they can meet your needs exactly. Creative freelancers can only thrive if you give them the right information. If you miss out vital information from your music production project brief, you may end up receiving a sub-standard production.

It can be hard to know what information to give your creative when you’re planning your project. You have no idea how they work, so how are you supposed to know what they need from you? Luckily, we’ve provided an example of the perfect brief for an music production project. It has all the information the freelancer needs to get started on your project.
Each section we’ve included is important and provides the freelancer with vital information about your project and your company. If you’re struggling to get off the starting block with your brief, take a look through our example brief for some inspiration:

Example music production project brief:

Project name: Production and mixing on a 3 track EP.

Your freelancer is probably working on lots of different freelance projects, so give yours a name to distinguish it. It’ll help you keep organised too.

About the vocalist and EP: I’m a female rapper and vocalist signed to an indie label and need help to produce my next EP. I have access to a professional recording studio and have provided guest vocals for a large number of professional releases involving some of the biggest names in hip hop.

Why does the freelancer need to know about you and what you do? Giving them the whole picture will help freelancer understand what’s involved with the project. For example do you have equipment or access to a studio? How much experience do you have? These are all things that the producer will need to consider. Tell your freelancer what you do and how you do it.

Genre: Alternative hip hop

Tell the producer the style and genre of the project.

Example styles I like: https://soundcloud.com/temper3k9/speedn-n-da-rain?in=1-cleva-thoughts/sets/best-female-rappers-on

Sometimes it’s hard to describe a style you like, so show your freelancer the type of thing you like. Include anything that will help your freelancer get a good idea of what you want your finished track to sound like.

Skills I’m looking for: I need an experienced music producer to produce all 3 tracks for my next EP release. The music and lyrics have already been written and the vocals have been professionally studio recorded. I need a full backing track produced from scratch made in Ableton Live.

I also need the track mixed and the session tracks need to be tuned and cleaned. We have a specialist engineer arranged to master the track. We therefore need the final project files delivered, but the stems bounced as consolidated files.

Music production is very technical, and producers can use a variety of different technical equipment. You need to specify what kind of equipment and software you need your producer to use (if you have a preference). The producer will need to know as much detail about the track you have as possible. Let the freelancer know any extra services you need such as mixing or mastering, plus what finished format you need your project in.

Record label: The EP is going to be released on F-Block records. This project is a one off payment, so there will be no royalty split on the release.

How will the track be distributed? If there’s a record label involved, let the producer know. Your producer will also be interested to know if there are royalties involved.

Deadline: The track is being released in August 2017, so we’ll need the project file delivered by 28th April 2017.

When do you need your project to be completed by? Don’t forget this crucial detail.

Budget: $2000

How much will you pay for the project? If you have a budget in mind, include it in your project brief. If you have no idea, you can discuss costs with your freelancer.

Points of contact: Artist manager: Danny Johnson. F-Block A&R Manager: Nikki Roberts

Who will your freelancer be dealing with? Make it easier for remote workers to communicate with you by making it clear who their point of contact is during the project. There will be extra questions and work that needs signed off, so make sure your freelancer gets straight through to the right person.

When you post a project brief on Twine, you can add a fully comprehensive project description. This will help you find the right creative and ultimately get the project you want:

Example music production project brief
Example music production project brief on Twine

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