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Geraldo Carneiro Barbalho Carneiro

No Roles

Juntos no Amor - Cantor Júlio César Compositores Caique e Kadu e Júlio César Barbalho Pagonejo

Tony Arriaga

booking info or collabs hmu @ Hostilebeats47@gmail.com the best of my Generation ! I am a Young rising star in PHX AZ Fulfilling my dreams of being a...

William Dahlberg

"I am an everchanging being in the moment of light" - Moment of light "En sommarkyss, en billig öl och en trubadur" - Sommarkyss ...

Mattias Olsson

Swedish recordproducer and Musician. Owns the Roth Händle studio in Stockholm which specializes in an old and unique equipment such as optical organs...

Team Bears

My dream is to make hip hop beats with Kanye West. Pls support me. Team Bears is the combined talents of JK Simmons, a small cactus plant that hasn't...

Trịnh Bảo Bàng

Hi. Tôi là nhạc sĩ, tôi có một số ca khúc sáng tác để chia sẽ với mọi người. Rất vui được mọi người nghe những ...

Tony J

I am a writer of songs and stories for children as well as teenagers, family stories. In the past I have also created other styles of songs for adults...


Instagram: chuckstarofficial Snapchat: zionchuck Facebook: ChuckstarMusic Youtube: ReciosMusic Twitter: ChuckstarMusic

Kom Pour Jesus

K.O.M is an haitian gospel band which was created by Fr. Witvil Florvil(Maestro t-wood) on June 11 2005 at Emmanuel Haitian Baptist Church run by past...

The Round Worms

The Roundworms are an electro-organic hybrid hailing from one of the most inaccessible and remote countries on Earth, the island fortress called Austr...

Adam Jartym

Contact: jartymofficial@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/adam.jartym


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