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Roma, Italy

Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, MA Graphic Design. Rome, 2015. East London Printmakers, 2013. London Metropolitan University, BA Printmaking. London, 2012

Roma, Italy

Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, MA Graphic Design. Rome, 2015. East London Printmakers, 2013. London Metropolitan University, BA Printmaking. London, 2012

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Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie, MA Graphic Design. Rome, 2015. East London Printmakers, 2013. London Metropolitan University, BA Printmaking. London, 2012

DJ, Producer, Composer, Remixer, Musician, Artist, Graphic Designer... Released and supported by: YIN YANG RECORDS, RING MODE RECORDS, ANALOGIKKO RECORDS, SUONOREC, CLIMAX LABEL, ION ENERGIE RECORDINGS, BOLTTRECORDINGS BOOKINGS, REMIXES AND COLLABORATIONS: deetrack.raza@gmail.com (or soundcloud mailbox) FOLLOW ME AND STAY TUNED FOR NEW RELEASES AND MIXES VISIT EVEN OTHER SOCIALS: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE AND BEATPORT DJ... THANKS TO ALL MY FANS, FOLLOWERS AND SUPPORTERS! AND A BIG HUG TO EVERYONE WHO LOVE MUSIC! WITHOUT LISTENERS MUSIC CANNOT EXISTS... ;) __________________________________________________________________________________________ ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LITTLE BIO: Since he was a kid, he was music-addicted! Started to play keyboards before learning to read music. In young aged, he approached to electronic music, techno in particular, so he got his first turntables and mixer! There began the story.... In later years, after he learned to mix just using vinyls, he performed in many events and clubs in Italy and Slovenia, even with big international djs: Markantonio, Glenn Wilson, Boriqua Tribez, Ladida, Oxia.... The next step was to learn to produce his own music, to find something new and original... he started to learn music theory, melody, harmony, different programs for audio editing and also attended an intensive 'Electronic Music Production' course in Milan; his projects' hallmark, is a deep beat and bassline, plus samples and synths created and modified by himself. But ever with the real pure Techno soul. Thus he released his first EP, in collaboration with Mirko Forte: ''Party R Us'', signed by MAK'N-Tech, on Strukture Muzik (Sasha Carassi - Naples). In later years released others EPs on different worldwide labels: 'ION ENERGIE RECORDINGS' (Spain), 'CLIMAX LABEL' (Spain), 'SUONO REC' (Verona,Italy), and the latest project is coming soon on 'ANALOGIKKO RECORDS' (Argentine/Germany); his songs are supported also by BOLTTRECORDINGS, a Netherland-based digital label. Today he's still working as dj, producer and remixer, even working in collaboration with other indipendent artists, labels, djs and agencies; the target is to follow his greatest passion....MUSIC! And to enjoy doing it.... ;) In 2014 July he performed at ECO FESTIVAL (SLO), in a wonderful open-air festival full of big international artists (Sven Vath, Chris Liebing, Christian Varela, Rush, etc...). 'My greatest pleasure is people enjoying and dancing while I'm mixing...and to feel their energy! ...that's the circle of MUSIC and ENERGY, DJ and people!' -Deetrack-

Flavio Spampinato, cantante,compositore, arrangiatore, si forma tra Roma e Berlino. Si diploma con il massimo dei voti in Canto Jazz al Conservatorio “Santa Cecilia” di Roma e vince anche una borsa di studio per studiare al “Jazz Institute”di Berlino. Frequenta inoltre il Saint Louis College of Music di Roma dove segue corsi di canto, arrangiamento, armonia, solfeggio. Ha l’opportunità di studiare con grandi maestri quali Maria Pia de Vito, Elisabetta Antonini, Judy Niemack, Paolo Damiani, Andreas Schmidt,Stefano Lenzi, Simone Moscato e il tenore Carlo Napoletani. Partecipa inoltre a numerose Masterclass e seminari (YellowJackets, Gretchen Parlato, Paul Jackson, Nuoro in Jazz, Roma Jazz Festival con Gregory Hutchinson, Mark Turner e Aaron Goldberg, Tuscia in Jazz, Masterclass di Vocal Improvisation con Rhiannon, Susanna Stivali, Masterclass di Vocal Balance con Lisa Paglin e Marianna Brilla, Nehemiah Brown). L’amore per differenti stili e linguaggi musicali lo porta a coltivare progetti che spaziano dal Jazz al Funk, dal Soul alla musica elettronica. Ha l’opportunità di esibirsi in diversi club (Alexander Platz, Casa del Jazz, Fonclea, Music Inn) e manifestazioni: tra le tante ricordiamo i tributi di “Art and Soul”alla Casa del Jazz di Roma dedicata ai grandi personaggi della Soul music, il Festival “Jazz Up New Generation”, il Festival “Rebibbia da Ascoltare”di Roma, manifestazione a favore della cultura nelle carceri, le numerose rassegne “Percorsi in Jazz” con il Maria Pia de Vito Vocal Ensemble e l’Orchestra Aperta di Paolo Damiani, il “Sacred Concert” di D. Ellington con l’Orchestra jazz del Conservatorio di S. Cecilia, il “Tribute to Johnny Mercer” al Jazz Institute a Berlino. Ha all’attivo diversi progetti tra cui il Duo “Wondering Burt”, un personale tributo alle musiche di Burt Bacharach e Stevie Wonder,“New Era”, un progetto di brani originali legati da un approccio compositivo giovane e contaminato e “Songs Between Two Lands” , una raccolta di brani dedicata al tema della viaggio e della distanza tra due terre lontane ma così profondamente vicine come l’Africa e il Sud America. Flavio Spampinato , singer, composer , arranger, developed his music skills between Rome and Berlin. He graduated with honors in Jazz Singing at the Conservatory " Santa Cecilia" in Rome and also won a scholarship to study at the "Jazz Institute" in Berlin. He also studied at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where he attended the singing , arranging, harmony , ensembles classes. He has the opportunity to study with great teachers such as Maria Pia de Vito , Elisabetta Antonini , Judy Niemack , Paolo Damiani , Andreas Schmidt, Stefano Lenzi, and the tenor Carlo Napoletani. He followed several Masterclasses and Seminars all around Italy and Berlin (YellowJackets , Gretchen Parlato , Paul Jackson , Nuoro Jazz 2014, Rome Jazz Festival 2015 with Gregory Hutchinson, Mark Turner and Aaron Goldberg, Tuscia in Jazz 2013 , Vocal Improvisation Masterclass with Rhiannon , Balance Vocal Master Class with Lisa Paglin and Marianna Brilla , Gospel with Nehemiah Brown) . The passion for different musical styles and languages ​​led him to cultivate projects ranging from Jazz to Funk, Soul, Pop and even electronic music . He got to perform in several clubs (Alexander Platz , Casa del Jazz , Fonclea , Music Inn ) and events : -the many tributes “Art and Soul” live at the casa del jazz of Rome to remember the great characters of Soul Music (Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway) -Festival "Jazz Up New Generation" 2013 -Festival " Rebibbia da ascoltare " in Rome , an event in support of culture in prisons, -the numerous reviews " Percorsi in Jazz" with the Maria Pia de Vito Vocal Ensemble and the Open orchestra directed by Paolo Damiani -the " Sacred Concert " by D. Ellington Jazz Orchestra of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia the "Tribute to Johnny Mercer " at the Jazz Institute Berlin . Now he is involved in musical projects such as “Wondering Burt ," a personal piano&voice tribute to the music of Burt Bacharach and Stevie Wonder, " New Era ," a project of original songs linked by a young and contaminated approach to the composition and “Songs between Two Lands, " a selection of songs dedicated to the theme of travel and the distance between two lands, distant but so deeply nearby such as Africa and South America. CONTACTS: official.flaviospampinato@gmail.com

My photography is a good mix between inspiration, planning, and good old fashioned improvisation. I love working with complex lights and low light, both in studio and in the open. My favourite subjects are portraits which tell dream-like stories; places which seem daydream scenarios; and surrealistic concepts created in my studio. But if I had to choose three keywords to describe my work, I would go for “clarity”, “variety”, and “quality”. Photography to me is not a way to document reality, but more the way in which I can suspend reality, with all its physical and societal rules, and turn everything into my dream of it. My view over the world has been seriously affected by “dreamers” like Edward Hopper, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Federico Fellini, with their ability to transmit the distinct and uncomfortable feeling of not being really awake. I remember liking cameras and photographs since I was a kid. I liked fashion magazines my mother used to buy, and I always wanted her to buy the expensive detersive boxes because they used to offer little film cameras as gifts. I come from the analog days of the dark room, but my stylistic growth is quite recent and very digital. I spent most of my life struggling to confine my artistic nature, so I achieved a PhD in biomedical engineering. It didn’t work, nothing works, there’s no cure against the urge to create and communicate, I guess.

Hi ! I'm a concept artist and Illustrator aviable for freelance work. I've many years of experience in the field. If you're interested to service and my work contact me !

www.blackspirestudio.com https://sketchfab.com/blackspire We are two professionals in both 2D and 3D art. Our main goal is to provide great services and graphics solutions for games, cartoons, websites, and commercials. We specialized in using Unity to build and animate our works. Please if you're interested in some collaboration or job, contact us via email at blackspirestudio@gmail.com

I am a professional grahic designer / illustrator specialized in stationery design and clipart.I work exclusively in Adobe Illustrator and i love every moment of it. #adobeillustrator#graphicdesign#illustration#vector#design##stationery#clipart#vectordesign#digital#graphic#pentool#eps#pattern#sticker#conceptart#planner#etsy

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