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Fabio Geloso

CREATIVE, DYNAMIC. Graphic Designer, illustrator, Street artist, Event promoter, Pro Dance teacher

Sarah Gustafson

Purdue University Student | Industrial Design and Anthropology majors | Designer | Musician | Artist | Singer | Model


Caleb "C Note" Armstrong Artist| Dancer| Actor| Songwriter| Gamer| For Booking contact me at BmfCnoteFeatures@gmail.com IG: CALEBAKACNOTE


Abstract Gang , co founder . Instagram: luthohasbadmanners FOR WORK/BEATS: luthobobani@gmail.com

Roland Brooks

Roland Brooks. 22. Artist. Contact info: Rolandbrooksproductions@gmail.com

Derris Brown

Artist: Pop-Star/Singer Style: Myself Nickname: L-Baby Sports: /Soccer/Basketball/Football Bookings/Feats: 843.473.2388 or lbabyswagg22@gmail.com Perf...

Emily Deahl

For almost a decade, singer/songwriter and entertainer Emily Deahl has been an exciting and innovative artist in the entertainment industry. Starting ...

Mason Taylor

Pronounced (Bass-Here-Raw-Tics) Aged 19 ; Genius Of MegaMix(s) & Bpm Any Requests? Contact Me: masondt1@icloud.com `This Is My First Account....

Nappz M¢

A recording artist born in Toronto, raised in Mississauga and CEO of Making Music Visual. Catchy flow energetic and versatile style for all hip-hop ge...


International EDM Vocalist ♫ CherylMartinez.com Facebook.com/CherylMartinezMusic Instagram@TheRealCheRyl Twitter@CherylMartinez Cheryl always knew...

Different Opposite

Official Instagram : @DifferentOpposite Twitter : @DffrntOpposite Bookings or Features Contact : Dffrntopposite@gmail.com


Coming out of trap city, b-town hold it down. Music is an expression of my growth and how I perceive life, join me on my journey to achieve something ...


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