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Artist of the Week on Apollo Night L.A. of 4/20-2015 show!!! The Hype Magazine :Interview Questions: Tell us about The Franks Daredevils... -The Franks Daredevils, is a project of mine François Dubé a.k.a. Frank, I wrote,played,done the vocals and i have recorded everything in my tiny studio(Big D.Studios).Everywhere I'm not alone on a song it's wrote on my soundcloud. This is a project which the lyrics makes you think, or I mean that was the goal , i don't know if i make people think , I'm planting seeds of doubt and just hope that people will search a bit on what i'm saying in my songs. I tried to put lights on Medical virtue of marijuana against cancer(by the way the U.S. Gov knows that since 1973..) Chemtrails,H.A.A.R.P.( Earthquake & mind control machine located in Alaska and other countries),Fluoride, Reptilians,Freemasonry,The Blue Beam Project,Agenda 21 and many other hot topics... I made some funny cover songs too in my ska/punk/metal i mean i love to mix styles!Always released El Cheapo Recordz(Home Label) Officially Unsigned... What brought you to the entertainment industry and music specifically? -My first show in 1995 , i fell in love with that, after i founded a punk/ska band in 1996 named:Mason Jar which released 2 demos.In 1999 i entered in a ska/punk/hardcore band named:All Dressed in which we made an album and i won the prize of "Best Guitarist"in the Conga 2003 ,a music contest at Université Laval in Quebec,Canada. In 2003 i was in 4 bands at same time , Mason Jar,All Dressed, Critical Mass(Death metalband) and ,The Schwinnz(Ska/punk), But it was a bit nuts of my parts because i get tired because i had a 40hours a week job plus shows every week-ends and rehearsal in week When i'm tired i have bad humor and that was the problem because i had talk fight with some members , so i get out of all bands, I started to write new songs and in 2005 with some friends i founded "Hell Fire's Club 666" until june 2008 because in 2008 i moved to live in México city, so i continue my project alone since that. A band named "Rapture" in México wanted me to play bass because of a friend of mine Cesar Olvera(Demorgas) who talk to them about me, when i gone to live there for music and do a tour in México, which i done until nov 2008, the last show we done there was opening a show for Deicide(Florida death metal) Oct 16 2008 at Hard Rock Café in México ,because we were supposed to do a tour in Portugal, but the record label (of Rapture)do not wanted to help Us with the trip and you know ,you have to be really known to make a lot of money in Metal music!!! So everyone gets out of the band and the guitarist Miguel has found other members to continue the band... I get back to Canada in Oct 2009 and my wife Liliana came in December to join me here, and i bought back everything what i needed to record music, and in May 2012 i changed the name HFC666 for "The Franks Daredevils" because the Hell Fires Club* was too related to the Illuminatis! a bit of history *The first Hellfire Club was founded in London in 1718, by Philip, Duke of Wharton and a handful of other high society friends. The most notorious club associated with the name was established in England by Sir Francis Dashwood, and met irregularly from around 1749 to around 1760, and possibly up until 1766* Anyway if you start to search a bit you'll see it's really of Freemasonry of highest rank like 29th to 33rd degree... So this is the reason why i changed the name in May 2012. I mean i know what I'm talking about, i made my own research too and because my Grandfather R.I.P. was freemason ,he talked to me a lot about them ... What and/or who influenced the sound you bring today? -The first time i heard in 1988(I'm born in 1979) was a classical death metal band named "Possessed" the album was "Seven Churches" I was really young when my father's cousin made me listen to them and i loved on the moment!A big thanks to him again , his name his Pierre Lafontaine! The same year i knew about "...And Justice For All" of Metallica , i was amazed at the time of how powerful and angry was that music, i was used to listen my Dad music's like Elvis Presley, The Doors,C.C.R.,The Beatles... that kind of music so it was a shocked to listen that music, but you know like every dad and mom, they didn't wanted to let me listen to that, i was wise, we had Much Music(TV channel) at home so i started to record metal videos and transfer them to a TDK or BASF cassette , they didn't had the choice i fell in love with metal music!!! In primary school i was the only student that didn't had the right to bring his music into class, anyway every of my friends was listening to New Kids on The Block... hahaha Later i begin to listen to Megadeth,Slayer,Morbid Angel,Angeles Del Infierno,B.A.R.F.,Overbass, Grim Skunk,Cannibal Corpse,Vital Remains,Deicide, Kreator,Darkthrone,Anthrax, Stormtroopers of Death(S.O.D.),Rhapsody, Testament,,Blind Guardian and many more because if i list every band i will fill 3 pages!! What's happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you? -When i met Glen Benton,Steve Asheim,Jack Owen and Kevin Quirion all members of Deicide(a band i've listen since High School) and when i started to talk to them , i saw that we have a lot in commons , i said to myself this is really what i want to do , i knew it before but that night everything was confirmed in my head but things have not turned like i wanted there so i came back to Quebec,Canada. What do you want people get from your music? -Another view of our world, maybe dark but surely true... Like i said before planting seeds of doubt or confirmation in people's minds but nothing subliminal, rights in your face!I do not beat around the bush. Tell us about your current project? -The Franks Daredevils is a weird experience , I mean by that , the music goes to thrash/death metal to ska/punk/latino mixed with loud guitars and metal voices but, I prefer to do metal, this is my DADA, with marijuana too , I'm pro marijuana at 200%, so this is why i made a demo named "Ode to Marijuana/Himno a la Mota" hahaha with some protest songs about that theme...Like now bands don't do 20 minutes more songs like in the 60's or 70's so i made a song of 29:35 minutes in 3 parts , one part of 20 minutes another one of 5 min and a third of 4 min, it is called "Psilocybin Mushrooms Trip", i made some covers of band i like or just a song i liked,anyway if you go on my soundcloud profile, you'll see every songs is there! some i made that i never thought they will be downloaded like that! All my songs regrouped in my soundcloud have 196K downloads 2 of them are: "La Carencia" with 12,874 download and "La Salsa Du Démon" with 10,003 download exactly!The worst they were made when i had my first drums in 2012 now i think i'm better than i was( which was easy to beat hahaha) but playing everything is a very cool liberty but when you want to do a show or a tour it's not so easy to find people , first with motivation to learn all that and people who have time to do this... So i'm planting seeds with The Franks Daredevils and I'm doing music with another band too named "Sun of Blood" we are recording our first album too , so i will keep you informed of that when it will be released! And i have a wonderful wife really comprehensive and a little boy who will have 2 years old on June 9 so i have school every day I'm learning Mechanical Engineering/Machinist so it's keeps me busy a lot those days! This is a reason why i released less materials a bit since a year...I'm still working on knew stuff with a collaboration of a friend of mine who by a really good casuality of life, he lives in the same building as me!Easier to work on music when you just have to go downstairs at first floor! I made some projects on the side like MahnWache WahnMache a complete demo with Gerhard Martin in Germany and 2 songs with Ksenia Yes in Ukraine ,now she lives in Russia but you know the conflict there... If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why? -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but in our time with Electric instruments B.C. Rich or Gibson guitars and bass,loud distortion,and TAMA drums!, he could be a really metalhead... When you look the structure of his music , it's really cool sound to applicate that to metal music. More like powermetal you know.It sound maybe weird but i appreciate a lot of style of music, just hate music like Justin Bieber hahaha. If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be? -I can't just choose one because it's a total in mini tiny parts of me , you know what I mean? Every song is a little part of what it's inside my brain hahaha but yeah i will choose the song "Marijuana" it reflect how I am. A song i wrote with a friend in 1996 +/- but the lyrics were re-worked in 2013 when i knew about Rick Simpson's movie Run For The Cure. A Canadian man jailed for having people cured of cancer with his Hemp oil. I am a very quiet guy in everydays life but with revolutionary thoughts.Because in my metal songs , it's really aggressive but in a room I'm not the guy who makes the more noise. Last but not least, HYPE wants to know...What's your CRAZIEST "Where they do that at?!" moment... -Now I'm more adult if we can say it like that but younger with my bands Mason Jar,All Dressed, Critical Mass,Underless and the first years of The Franks Daredevils a.k.a Hell Fire's club 666 it was pure madness after every gig(sometimes before and after the gigs)!! No matter the hotel,the bar, no matter the place it was party time!!! But now with my little boy and a wife and a career on the side as Machinist, i don't party so much, i wanna live old and see my wife & son many years and who knows, grow the family! But still want to do tour and all that,i mean for music i will never gets old! I will play music until i die even if it's just for me! Here's some project I am outside The Franks Daredevils -Maritale(Quebec) facebook.com/maritalequebec -Sun Of Blood (Quebec): facebook.com/pages/Sun-Of-Blood/620128411428180 -MahnWache WahnMache(Germany): facebook.com/WahnMacheMahnWache2 and here the two songs with Ksenia Yes (Ukraine,now in Russia) : soundcloud.com/frankdubes-musics/sets/ksenia-yes

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