88 VBG
Chita, Russia
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Here is a link to our soundcloud: https://www.twine.fm/signin

We are 88 Entertainment. We are VillageBoiGang (VBG). Our rap group consist of 6 artist, mixed with rappers and singers. VillageBoi Laam (Salaam Jackson) is a rapper and a singer and is extremely well at both positions. He is the most active with the music out of all these artist. He has a passion that no one in and out, above or under the industry has! He is the creator of 88 Entertainment along with his brother D Willz (Davian Williams). Willz is a lyrical rapper and is a working machine at that! He is very metaphoric but real. Tazz (Darius Hinson) is a rapper and can sing also but he mainly raps. Zavie B (Xavier Black) is back into 88 Entertainment after leaving the group to go solo. He has returned for good and is a rapper, Zavie B does not write but can if needed. $hy is a rapper and a rapper only! He has a Rick Ross flow with his own spin that will catch any listeners attention. LA is a rapper and singer much like Laam he is great with both and is willing to do either one when it comes down to it. We make HipHop & R&B music but are capable of doing other genres as well. Everything we record has to do with our lives whether it’s Trap,Story,Lyrical,Love it all has to do with our life’s. We are from Somerville Nj, (Village City/ The Ville/Trill Ville New Jersey). “What’s up. This is Grammy nominated producer K.E. On The Track. I came across some music you posted online. You have some dope shit. I see you post music on Twitter as well. We need to link up and make some classics. With my beats and connects and your vocals we can’t help but win. Get at me homie!” Said by K.E. On The Track. We are working on #MoreThanMusic, the mixtape, release date is to be determined. It will be released on hotnewhiphop.com and there will be copies made on CD. You can find our music on soundcloud: 88 Entertainment. Hotnewhiphop: 88 Entertainment (Verified). YouTube: Keepiit88ent. VillageBoi Laam is about to turn 18 years old and has been in the rap game for 4 years now. D Willz is 17, Tazz is 19 now, Zavie B is 18, $hy is 25 and LA is 17. People say we’re doing better than the adults… 88 has done a few performances, a couple parties, a wedding, a cook out and we have a showcase coming up on December 4th 2014. Our music gets up to 500-800 views mostly for now sooner or later we hope to get millions. “88 is just trying to share their stories and hopefully make money off it being that they all had it hard coming up they want people to feel there pain and sorrows and hopefully understand their lives and possibly connect with the world”. We’ve had radio play on Piscataway High School radio, amazingly none of us go to that school. Kai Williams gave subtract honor of playing us. Songs drop almost every other day off our soundcloud and are always promoted on Twitter and on the streets. 88 just wants to win. Contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin ‘VillageBoi Laam’ and or Email the team at: https://www.twine.fm/signin . Thank you for reading. Hope you’re interested.

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