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Tambon Nong Chaeng, Thailand
Last online: 11 months ago

Abedabun is a 25 year old producer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has always had a strong passion for music. Driven by his curiosity and inspiration on how it all comes together. At the age of 13 he found himself grooving with a group of elders at a new years celebration. When he was introduced to a night filled with psytrance and various psychedelic genres. Shortly after that he began his journey of musical studies, delving deeply into the production of his own psychedelic sound. By the time he was 15 he created his own production projects featuring Pine-application, Psyaio and Abedabun.

He also designs his own art representing as a face for his projects.

By the age of 21 he travelled to Brighton, UK. There he did a course on music production, film editing and had a good taste of the underground electronic music scene.

He’s looking for alternative ways in the music production industry to expand his passion and to inspire other upcoming and beginner producers.