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Baltimore, United States
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“No longer a diamond in the rough”

Aldous Huxley- “AHUX”, formerly known as “BiggPatch”, has grown and evolved into a true artist with incredible drive and determination.  The story begins with a young Aldous growing up in Baltimore in a single parent home. He was number 12 of 13 children making the reality of survival present to him at a young age.  In 1986 he had his first encounter with hip hop when he performed in a talent show rapping “Roxanne Roxanne”.  From then on AHUX was deeply in love with hip hop. He was musically inclined from the start, and was classically trained in clarinet at the Peabody Conservatory. The end of his days as a clarinet player came when a relative sold his clarinet in order to quickly come up with money.  This mentality of when money gets tight, you do what you have to, including hustling, stuck with Aldous through his young adulthood.  This caused AHUX to be driven not by fame but rather by necessity when it came to his career.  AHUX became a singer for local R&B groups singing back-up vocals.  Early mornings up to work and chase his musical dreams only fed the entrepreneur spirit deep inside Aldous.  At 21 he moved out and started making moves.  Opening his first clothing line “HMD Urban Classics” in the 90s was the first of many opportunities that would present themselves in his career.  That move drove Aldous’ confidence level up and helped bring into focus the love he had for music.  Later came the opportunity to spend time in NYC around some major artists.  AHUX became a sponge, absorbing as much as he could musically within those circles.  After some time on the road exposing fans to his talent as a background man on mixed tapes, eyes began focusing on AHUX and a thirst for more of his music started to grow.  The next steps for business were for Aldous to open a clothing store for his clothing line and to start his own record label called “Diamond Life”.  The name came from the process which diamonds come to be.  “The life force of a diamond” AHUX says, was the inspiration for the label name.  As “Diamond Life” came to be, the clothing line continued to grow and the vision of a clothing store came to fruition.  Introducing his music to the public AHUX sold his music out of the clothing store as well.  At that time, an unexpected friendship came to be between AHUX and Derick Jones “Ooh Brown Fish”.  Ooh would come in to the store to talk music and rap with AHUX.  This friendship became an unforeseen inspiration for Aldous in his music career as Ooh exposed AHUX to different kinds of music which gave him a different perspective. “That exposure broadened my music palate for music”.  Eventually the decision was made to close the clothing store due to creative differences between AHUX and his business partner.  AHUX  then decided, as he had a family to support, to open his own pest control business, which he still owns today.  AHUX says “When you’re hungry you have to go hunt, you can’t wait around for someone else to do it for you”.  Though he was building his business, the love of music and passion for hip hop was never far from AHUX’s mind.  AHUX ended up releasing “Golden Boy Vol. 1” and “Golden Boy Vol. 2”.  In 2006 AHUX also came up with the first real concert festival to shine the spotlight on Baltimore-“The B-More love festival”.  “I wanted to romanticize Baltimore and show Baltimore’s sexiness”.  In his mind’s eye the festival was “a sunny day driving down the street, bumping the illest music glorifying Baltimore”.  As with many artists, as AHUX’s success grew he struggled internally with maintaining a balance of confidence and arrogance.  However, a life changing event occurred that would quickly put things into perspective for Aldous.   

When his son was a toddler, the youngster began having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy.  The focus of Aldous’ life turned to the treatment of his son’s epilepsy and learning all he could about how he could help his son through the daily struggles of his son’s disease.  With medical intervention AHUX’s son was treated and the epilepsy was brought under control.  Appreciation of the medical treatment and compassionate care of his son was a driving force for AHUX to turn his musical talents and entrepreneur spirit toward a cause that was present in his daily life.  AHUX organized and created a charity event in 2011 called “Applause for a cause” which showcased music and raised funds to donate to the hospital that cared for his son’s epilepsy.  After this hardship in AHUX’s life was under control, he continued with running his pest control business and putting out music like “Brave New World”.  Fast forward to 2014 and the beginning of 2015 and you will see the current tip of the iceberg musically for AHUX.  AHUX always knew of and had a mutual respect for the well known Bmore Original (formerly known as “DJ Excel”), but it wasn’t until late 2014 when the opportunity arose for the musical icons to collaborate.  Bmore Original featured AHUX on a Halloween remix and a Christmas remix in late 2014. Both remixes quickly gained positive feedback which drove the two to begin working together to come up with new fresh music to be released in 2015.  AHUX says “I focus on my craft-that’s the difference between me and other rappers, Bmore Original recognized that”.  AHUX wants his music to be used “for a guidebook to life”.  There  is no doubt that success is the only outcome with the partnership of AHUX and Bmore Original.  AHUX is focused on what they are doing together musically.  With a star player like AHUX and a star coach like Bmore Original there are no limits.  “We have every type of arrow in the quiver” AHUX says.  2015 is sure to be the year for AHUX and Bmore Original to show the public what happens when two marvels join forces to create exceptional music