Aaron Hart, Aaron Bliss, Edge City, Soun
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Minneapolis, United States
Last online: 11 months ago

Aaron Hart aka Aaron Bliss of Minneapolis here - Just some guy that loves making house music with his friends. Simple as that.
One half Havens+Hart with JD Havens, One Half Edge City with Paul Easyrider, and One Half of MEME sounds with Nathan Carlton aka Spur.

This page is the home of many of my projects old and new and will also feat clips from upcoming releases on MEME sounds, the new record label coming in 2014 run by myself, Nathan Carlton aka Spur, and Mitch Green. Stay tuned!!

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    uniE603 Elative - my first official mix tape/demo circa 1996ish
    uniE603 MOTHER RECORDINGS : LOVE CHANNEL #10 : mixed by Havens+Hart | December 2012
    uniE603 Havens + Hart - Mix-Feed Presents Stranjjur #2 [03.13]
    uniE603 *FREE DOWNLOAD* Havens+Hart - Falling Apart (Original Mix) *FREE DOWNLOAD*
    uniE603 Prunk - Change Me (Havens+Hart McTwist) - [Electronique UK] (CLIP)
    uniE603 Prunk - Change Me (Havens+Hart remix) Free Download *FREE*
    uniE603 *OUT NOW* Audictive & MadeToMove - You Drive Me Insane (Havens+Hart Remix) CLIP - [Cream Couture]
    uniE603 Lula Circus - So Cold - (Havens+Hart Remix) CLIP [Stranjjur NYC]
    uniE603 HearThug & Stee Downes - EveryDay Another Night (Havens&Hart Remix)- [Stranjjur] FREE DOWNLOAD
    uniE603 Havens+Hart - Got to Be (original mix) - clip [Mother Recordings, Berlin]
    uniE603 Treboles - Heat Of The Beat (Havens+Hart Remix) CLIP [Sick Watona]