Alex Milla
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Earth, United States
Last online: 3 years ago
Alex Milla born in Albacete (Spain) became interested in the world of electronic music 15 years. Even then he liked the art of mixing. His enthusiasm for music and after years in it, led him to develop an underground sound quality, which makes it unique. At its sounds can be heard as techno, tech house, sometimes with touches of deep house which make it unmistakable. Alex is a versatile dj so it adapts to any club or festival, while respecting their musical style. Always try to innovate in each session in order to create a good atmosphere. Is now taking its own sound and at the moment we can hear their first releases as "Swingin" by Bronzai Records, "Mode" by Electronic Box Records, making him support artists such as Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin and Paco Osuna and others. Contact:

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