Allan Davis
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San Diego, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Allan Davis is an Art Director who utilizes his talents in graphic design and advertising to visualize your selling point. The more powerful your advertising is, the easier it is to sell!

After being in the Graphic Design/Advertising business for twenty years, Allan has just opened his own company known as “Pacific Creations.” All his years of working with celebrities, mentors and high-end corporate clients gave him a powerful reputation and customer base to get his company started.

His services range from from logos, slogans, books, posters, magazines, banners, ads, catalogs, business cards, websites, social media and various other marketing materials… He has a unique understanding on what type of graphics have the most powerful effect on the public.

“The key to successful advertising is knowing your audience. Who is going to buy your product or service? What kind of imagery, colors, and fonts will grab their attention? That is the start to visualizing your selling point.”
~ Allan Davis

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