Amit Kumar
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Mumbai, Kurla, India
Last online: 2 years ago

Dose the sound of music make your body come alive ?
Dose your heart long to throb, to the beat of the sound u love ? At “FOOT WORK DANCE STUDIO” people with a passion for dance realize the tree they pursue just like the river that find the ecstasy it seeks, when it meets the ocean.
Bollywood is a Dream & “FOOT WORK DANCE STUDIO” is on the go to make your Bollywood dream come true!! Introducing one platform that not just makes your Body dance but also gives that High to your senses that your spirits Dance. Rediscover yourself and redefine your Goal.
As the Fabulous Dancer & Choreographer - AMIT KUMAR -( CHOREOGRAPHER, FOUNDER & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR ) Music & Fantasy. If you ever thought Bollywood was just a freestyle , we take pleasure in redefining the bolly-wood style, we Bring you a Melange with varied dance forms like Jazz , Hip-hop , Lyrical Hip hop & contemporary put together to give you that fresh touch and Finesse in your every move. With our Star Masters,you are sure to get the perfection with a strong command over posture ,Attitude & not to forget a High Glam Quotient . Dance is also therapeutic art and it widely believed that people who dance together communicate better, At " FOOT WORK DANCE STUDIO" our goal to teach you
“DANCE HEALTHY” with the correct technique that will help you to Dance without stress or strain .
Are you passionate about Dance do yu want to grove every time yu here you to go to a club, Do you want to have a intimate date with your partner and want to immpress them with new salsa moves, Do you want a unique, correct and the best way to loose weight , improve your flexbility and tone your muscles a way from the mundane gym routine… here is the best way to do it…

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