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"Hayden Pratt aka Anthraxx, is an Artist Out of Twin Falls, In Southern Idaho. Born In Jerome Idaho May 5th 1994, Anthraxx Lived in the area until he was 3 years old; soon after moving to the Tri Cities of Washington Where he was Introduced to Hip-Hop at the age of 5. Anthraxx had always showed in interest in Hobbies such as story writing, art and poetry and was quickly attached to an Ice Cube Tape he found in a car his father bought. After Living in Pasco Washington for a few years his family briefly moved back to Southern Idaho where he attended grade school and continued to study and Learn more about Hip-hop and rap, listening to artists and groups such as Out Cast, Nas, 50 cent, and Mobb Deep also frequently spending time watching music videos on MTV instead of doing his homework.

In 2004 Anthraxx and his family moved back to Washington, This time to the city of Yakima, where They called the East side of the city home. With a high crime rate and large gang population Anthraxx and his Older brother Levi were quickly a product of their reality, pushed into a small section of the city where respect was everything, violence was expected, and rival cliques clashed on a daily basis. As the Minority; Being one of only four Caucasian Boys in the East Mead area Anthraxx quickly learned he wasn’t going to gain respect being the “scared White boy”. This resulted in Several brawls; and he quickly made Neighborhood enemies including his own older brother. Anthraxx went left, and his older brother went right, as his brother started school months before him and gained contacts and homies in a Norteno gang the LVL- XIV, Anthraxx befriended neighborhood Surenos. The Teens and men he spent his days with had a big influence on His life, and Hip hop. The environment became harsh, he and his brother constantly clashed, avoiding one another for weeks and even going as far as to have rumbles between the two groups.

Months after both of them had established themselves in the Groups Anthraxxs older brother Became a Foot solider for the LVL Putting in work for a dealer by the name of Grim, lighting the cars and shacks of Clients who didn’t pay their dues back on fire and stealing their property. Meanwhile Anthraxx stuck by his three main homies rapping smoking , fighting. dodging LVL and punches etc. Life went on and Anthraxxs Mother had them moved out of the city due to the fear of them being killed after an altercation in which his mother had a Knife and Firearm pulled on her, and constant harassment from the law, and neighborhood crooks. After returning to Southern Idaho he and his brother made amends, but the trouble didn’t stop there. After His Mother was struck and killed by a Vehicle in December 2006, Anthraxx became very dark and aggressive, he caught Several charges over the years ending up in Juvenile detention at the age of 14 for possessing a firearm, and also numerous battery and aggravated assault charges spending a majority of his juvenile life on probation or in Rehab and detention centers.
Anthraxx changed his life when His first child was born in 2011 when he was only 17 years old, looking for a better way of life Anthraxx struggled juggling work and school so he dropped out to get a job and support his family, all while honing his craft often listening to darker angrier rap such as his favorite artists Brotha Lynch Hung, C-bo, and Spice-1, studying and taking notes.

Finally In the year 2013 Anthraxx made his debut with his song The Rising, impressing many with his Rip Gut antics, Horror core style delivery and all out fuck it attitude, something that was new to the Area of local Hip Hop.
Anthraxx is the founder and manager of Cabin Fever Musik managed by himself. Sharing an affiliation with Beehive and Artists such as BumbleB and Yung Choppa.

For more Music, Information or to talk about a collaboration you can contact him at

Facebook: Hayden Anthraxx Pratt
Soundcloud: Anthraxx208

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