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Belfast, United Kingdom
Last online: 9 months ago

The element of Sound Design and Production has intrigued Antoni as an individual from an early age. Inspired by many Professional Film and Audio composers. I am a self-taught sound designer with 5 years’ experience in the industry. I have a passion to collaborate and develop sound effects for Games. I love composing plus write scores. The art of audio and sound production is a deep subject I enjoy especially when automating and blending different textures together. I have been learning how to influence different types of audio synthesis over a vast period of time in production and I believe that I have a great desire for sound as I have worked in multiple audio workstations and have no problem adapting when working with partners.

Industry Experience:
Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Retail
Gear & Software Experience:
Ableton Live ( Intermediate )
FL Studio ( Expert )
Audacity ( Expert )
Steinberg Cubase ( Beginner )
Propellerhead Reason ( Intermediate )