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Little Mill, United Kingdom
Last online: 2 years ago

Aunty Bronwyn is the world’s favorite aunty. Worldly traveled, experiencing everything, she has fought overcome and despite many set backs in life has made a great success. She says “You never fail until you stop”. Never listen to others comments about what you do because they are reflections of their own insecurities and have nothing to do with you.

Born in a small village in Wales one of eight children, she broke the mold and ventured into the abyss of life leaving behind the family to make a life that she wants and not what other people expect she wants. Just doing exactly what she wanted, going against the grain and ruffling everyone’s feather she eventually left them all behind to become who she is today and with an amazing wealth of stories.

Her favorite two people are her elderly sister Gwyneth (who is a spinster and man mad - frightens them all away ) and her youngest and cute brother Hewel who is gay and a ball of fun and a struggling actor.

Aunty Bronwyn gives advice in plain and simple terms, no messing, no political correctness, nothing, never rude but direct and honest, yet at the same time has a really big heart and understands where people go wrong and why.

Always up for a laugh, she loves company and excitement, and the odd tipple of gin (for relaxation purposes of course). Not to be messed with but fun to be around Aunty Bronwyn is always interested to hear your from listeners and their messages many of which (anonymously) she answers on her radio programmes to help others in the same situation.

Discover Aunty Bronwyn’s world today and drop her a line on the topics or problems you have or just say “Hi”.