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Trinidad and Tobago
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I started as a aspiring singer

FULL NAME: Arnold Noel

HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN PRODUCING: I have been producing for the last four (4) years.

WHAT MAKES YOUR STYLE OF DANCE HALL DIFFERENT FROM WHAT’S OUT THERE: I believe what makes my music different is the use of tones from different genres combined together to create a dynamic sound, for example I will combined hip hop kick with a techno key to create a tone. I build my music by how I’m feeling at the time, using every tone to translate my emotions.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE: It took me about 30 minutes to build “Alert Riddim”.

WHERE WAS IT RECORDED: The recording was done at Backyard Studio where I have been producing for the past two years.

DID YOU WRITE ANY OF THE TRACKS: I wrote one (1) of the tracks on the riddim, which is Diamond (Good Body), and co written Orlando octave (kitty)

3 suns
Bunji Garlin
Scar face
Major Riley
Terri lyons
Squeezy Rankin
Olando Octave
Mr killa
And these are just some to name


I am the second to last child of 9 kids. We didn’t have much, No television, no toys and no money. All we had was family, music and God. Coming from a musical family background, I grew up very active in church watching my dad Kelvin Noel playing the guitar and singing. I discovered my passion/talent to sing at the tender age of eleven. There was a gospel competition in Cumuto Pentecostal Church I wanted to part take in that required having your own composition. I had no knowledge and experience about song writing but the love for music was very strong. Wanting to enter the competition I couldn’t sleep, next morning my dad took me to his garden and within conversation I ask him “dad would you write a song for me for the competition”, He replied “I can give you a fish, but then I would be preparing you to fail, so instead of giving you a fish I will teach you how to fish in that way you will always have”. He educated me on what was necessary to write, long sorry short I wrote the song myself and i won the competition. As the years went by I focus on my craft wanting to make better for my family. I had the privilege of growing up with world acclaim Ian Antonio Bunji Garlin Alverez, Wendell AKA Choppa Noel and marlon AKA bongo dread Frankly known to the world as the Godfathers crew. These were the people influential in my career. My first ever recording which was a collaboration with Bunji Garlin “Wuk up yuh waistline” this was my introduction to the Soca world.
Seeing my Brothers gain success with their smash hit “Wey yuh hand” on the banjo riddim drove me more. My journey got rough not being able to financially afford production cost, depression had taken over me for a long time but my willingness and determination to not giving up on my dreams motivated me to keep working hard. I started playing instruments in studios for producers in return of getting a demo recorded. Being exposed to the creativity of building a riddim I realized it would make it easier for me to build my own riddim for my music. Finding this new avenue to excel in the producing of music, Not knowing how to use the software ‘thanks to youtube” I began researching and studying the production of creating tracks. I fell in love with the creativity of making music, songwriting and seeing the smile on an artiste face after recording. My transformation from artiste to producer had lead me to sleeping on a couch in the studio “Back Yard Studios” The road to success has been a long, hard and rough journey but striving to become recognize and respected as a producer propelled me towards achieving my gold of becoming a boss producer lol “good old sayings goes a long way”
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