Blake Mead
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Portland, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

I’m here to spread the love of music. Give credit to the artists as I did not create any of these songs. Also, dragons are better
Contact me at and I will respond ASAP
The #Blake are the bits of music that I cannot put a specific genre on, and that make me indescribably happy

    uniE603 Ciele & Mapps - Parking Lots (Arpyem Remix)
    uniE603 Crystal Skies - Above Ft. Apollodor
    uniE603 CloZinger - It's Alright
    uniE603 Contrvbvnd - Rocker
    uniE603 Gill Chang - If Only
    uniE603 Raye - Hotbox (Le Malls Remix)
    uniE603 SaintRow X Juke Ellington - Lose Your Mind (Feat. Jayah)
    uniE603 October Child - Shatterstory
    uniE603 Eyeris - Run Away
    uniE603 Nihils - Not A Man Of Violence (Ghosts Remix)
    uniE603 XYLØ - L.A. Love Song (Exit Friendzone Remix)
    uniE603 Activator - Nu - Style Dream