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CLOAK is an electronic musical duo that was founded in January 2015 by composer / producer / musician Jeroen Dirrix and later joined by sound-designer / producer / musician Martijn Jorissen, who worked and performed together in several music formations for years, sharing their love for electronic and dynamic uplifting music.

Based in Brussels (Belgium), Jeroen studied composition at The Royal Conservatory and combines classical and modern minimal influences in his compositions, which could be best described as film- or minimal-classical music with a strong rhythmic touch. Being a drummer and piano-player for most of his life, Jeroen joined several bands. He met Martijn in 2009 in their band Fourteen Twentysix, an alternative/electronic pop-rock formation, which was known for its creative and great live-shows. It was one of the first in The Netherlands to combine electronic triggered sounds and visuals on such a level. It was here where Jeroen and Martijn started producing electronic music together and discovered their mutual passion for electronic-percussive sounds and progressive compositions.

Martijn Jorissen, based in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), is an electronic music producer who is currently studying Sound-Design for Adaptive Systems at the ‘HKU’ in Hilversum.

After making several tracks together throughout the years, Jeroen Dirrix and Martijn Jorissen dedicated the year 2014 to explore the area in-between Jeroen’s more acoustic, piano based solo work and Martijn’s synths/beats-heavy electronic work. The fruition of this emerged in January 2015 with their collaborative electronic project Cloak.

In creating their debut EP ‘Phases’, Jeroen and Martijn have been able to further develop their unique sound and combining different styles. It was written and recorded in Jeroen’s home studio in Brussels and produced and mixed in Martijn’s renewed studio in Eindhoven. The mix of heavy driven basslines, hypnotic synthesizers, percussive beats and Jeroen’s performing on the grand piano, produces an ambient texture making it the perfect home listen and simultaneously danceable record.

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