Brandon Cooper
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Deer Creek, United States
Last online: 1 year ago

He may be the first white boy to create a party anthem sound similar to a pitbull/lil john. Also with the ability to write a catchy hook and being able sing, as well as rap he is something unique He only spits about what he does in real life. His style is that of a down south draw.simple rhymes with big meanings with a Midwest swag. He brings something different to the table. His records mainly consent of party hooks and chasing women. Teamed up with Child hood friend and producer / Artist ceaser this hip hop duo will get the club rocking in no time. This camp is located in central Illinois and consists of over 20 local artists and producers they are all in house when it comes to production they make their own videos and their camp mainly consist of family members or close friends they have all known each other since they were in grade school.don’'t get it twisted these cats are making their own way on to the music scene with an entourage that includes everyone from suburban kids to street cats they are one of the few companies that everybody can relate to no matter what side of the fence you on .For booking information they can be reached at

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