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Independence, United States
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Anonymous. Monsters." A creative music group. We’re New Jersey kids that express creativity through our lyrics and the way we think. To change the game we focused on how different we want to be. We are a Alternative music group that created our own sound with the inspiration of Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, and other creative sounding artists. We have many inspirations, such as; Jimi Hendrix, Odd Future, Kid Cudi, etc. Our music is not meant to sound like your ordinary mainstream music you here today. Jeremiah’s persona is a Vampire. Raxx’s persona is a Werewolf. We try to add a bit of fantasy to our music. Enjoy the sounds, more coming soon. #DAMKLVN

    uniE603 D.A.M - "Forever" (Unfinished Version) {Prod. By Hooligan}
    uniE603 Raxx ft Jeremivh - "Faded" (Unfinished Version) {Prod By LBeats}