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Biography :
DJ FAT SAM has been a fan of hip since he knew how to crawl. Growing up in Egypt made it very hard for him find new hip hop releases, place to listen or even support on radio. There were a few Djs playing the music, but still it was not enough. In the year 2000 he took it upon himself fill that void start developing his skills. And without people to teach him, everything he learned was self taught. By 2004 he was already gaining a nice buzz on the streets and began his career as a DJ. Known for great music selection developed by years of experience and understanding of how to rock the crowd. Wasnt far along until the local hip hop scene began to flourish that DJ FAT SAM jumped at the opportunity to further the cause and get involved

  • In 2008 he start a new Level on his Career with Using a Turntables and Some Beatmaker’s Toys in his Show and from that time
    With a lot of practice he Became A Professional Turntablezm DJ and a Music Producer
  • In 2009 He was a professor at :
  • DJ Academy inCairo (Representing Egypt for DJ Academy London)
  • In 2011 He signe With Redbull Egypt to be a Resident DJ For :
  • First Breaking Event at Egypt - Opera House 2011

  • Hip hop non Stop - Sawy culture wheel 2012

  • First Redbull BC One - Alex -2012

  • RedBukk BC One - Cairo - 2013

  • RedBull Car Park Drift - 2015

  • In 2012 He signe With Ministry of Sound London

(Club Space -Sharm el shikh-2012)


  • In 2015 he preformed live on da same stage with da legndary The Grammy Winner EVE

and also he DJing in concerts with the Rising Stars of Middle East and Egyptian Hip Hop like :

Arabian Knightz - Egypt
MC.Amin, - Egypt
Fredwreck - U.S.A
Qusai - Saudi Arabia
Ahmed El Fishawy - Egypt
Asfalt - Egypt
Omar Boflot - Egypt
Egy Rap School and many more. Working in the local scene and being rising star himself rocking the Cairo club scene and taking it by storm.

  • Here is some of his Music Production :
  • Concerts
  • Sawy Culture Wheel .zamalik

(More then 30 concerts 2008 -2013)

  • S.o.S

2009 Chinese Garden- Cairo
2010 Alexandria Library -Alex
-Rawabt stage -Downtown ,Cairo 2013

-Gnenna Stage - Azhar park
(4 concerts )

Websites :

Videos :
Redbull Breaking :

Redbull BC One :


FACEBOOK : https://www.twine.fm/signin
INSTAGRAM: https://www.twine.fm/signin
YOUTUBE : https://www.twine.fm/signin

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