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Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, India
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“DJ HYk” is one of the esteem DJ of today’s entertainment. DJ HYK been creative with his talent in all music genres to fit the right occasions for all his clients. DJ HYK’s passion towards his work has always kept him notable DJ over many years. A child prodigy who started at his young in this entertainment circuit in his early teens has proved to be this generations adorable & wanted DJ. Apart from this DJ HYK has touched heart & souls through his performance.

DJ HYK’s journey towards success has been an eventful one, with loads of experience gained at the very early stage of his DJing career.An image made by him in this industry of music is worth the respect given to him by others.

DJ HYK has begun Keeping in touch with the true rhythmof desi culture. Blending mixes of east and west, highly inspired by Afrojack, David Guetta, NYK, Tejas (Indian & International DJ’s). He has started stepping further to set a milestone in the field of Clubbing. DJ HYK’s aim to obtain a position in the music industry by his knowledge and talent in which he can utilize his skills and learn from the experts as he work’s his way towards his ultimate goal of producing own original dance tracks, remixes and commercially released mixed CD’s. His love for music derived from his experience on the keyboard and othermusical instruments. DJ HYK is in constant experimentation and evolution, and isconstantly pushing boundaries of what the DJ can be…

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