EML: 'aCe maFia ('aCe maFia Records TM)
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Napa, United States
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Ace Avraam S as known as 'aCe maFia NKA #Acika, is born on 09/04/1990 in Germany, Langefeld, lives in Republic of Macedonia, in the capital Skopje.
Have completed secondary school in „Mihajlo Pupin“ - Skopje in 2008 and in 2009 he enrolled at the Faculty of Philology
„Blaze Koneski“ - Skopje which has attended only one semester because of not having enough time to visit the class,
he is fully obligated to the music also to the self promotions projects in all around the world.
He deals with rap music, has its own production company
('aCe maFia Records TM), produce, makes beats and writes lyrics.
Rap music he is doing since his 12 years old, at the time when his idols were Tu Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, D12, X-Zibit,
Cypress Hill, DMX, Sisqo, 50 Cent…
Macedonian and English rap is exceptional, but also in his label there’s music in different languages, because
'aCe maFia is cooperating with many foreign countries and foreign productions such as:
Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain - England,
Spain, Brazil, USA and America, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, India, China, Japan and others.
In gangsta type of rap music, his lyrics are mainly based on a true stories, the songs at all are mostly with „Explicit Content“.
Almost in all of his songs he is expressing drugs (Marijuana and Hashish), alcohol, whores, murderers and robbery, in a word,
his songs associating with violence. In fact, he is the one and only one who is making the real rap music, rap music as it is out of his region.
With his first English album: „So many demons in my house“ (the album is not available), which is based on a true story,
'aCe maFia’s songs has dominated abroad.
He’s always listening to Three 6 Mafia rap group, in fact, now that group
and Eminem are his idols. 'aCe maFia is a lyrical copy of Eminem and musical copy of Three 6 Mafia.


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