D-Real (The Coast Crew)
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Decatur, United States
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The Coast Crew
@oceanjams (Partner)

Much love to all.

    uniE603 D-Real - Hedgehog Coasting (Prod. Rukunetsu) (Lyrics in Description)
    uniE603 D-Real - PSA Thank You All!!!!!!!!!!!!
    uniE603 D-Real - Love Like Yours II (Prod Ocean Jams)
    uniE603 D-Real & Von Gerard - Badu Swing/Soul Clever (Lyrics in Description)
    uniE603 D-Real - Little Drummer Boy (Prod. by Tensor) (Lyrics in Description)
    uniE603 D-Real - Paradise Groove ft. Allen Thomas & VictoriaVanLoui (Prod. Chase The Vagabond)
    uniE603 D-Real - Love Complex (Prod. By Ocean Jams)
    uniE603 FoePound - Love Like Yours (Prod. By Chase The Vagabond)
    uniE603 D-Real - Minor Problems (Prod. datfootdive学生) (Lyrics in description)
    uniE603 D-Real - Fallen (prod. by tkdwn.) (Lyrics in Description)
    uniE603 FoePound & D-real - Samurai Swing (Prod. DJ Walkin'Maat 愛曲) (Lyrics in Description)
    uniE603 D-Real - Dear Atsuko (Prod. datfootdive学生) (Lyrics in Description)
    uniE603 FoePound & D-Real - Toonami Coasting (Prod. By FoePound) (Lyrics in Description)