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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Dj Biography - Dylan Revolution

Dylan started taking an interest in Djing in 1996.Watching the likes of Kate Sutherland, Vicki Edwards, Smila, and Stuart H.He then started playing at his best friend’s house on a set of Sl1200 turntables and was as they say in the classics “hooked"

After many hours of practice, Dylan started doing house parties. Demand for this Dj grew with his unique house sound, always making sure his sets were packed with energy and enthusiasm. In 1997 Speedy approached Dylan to play a guest set at Velvet, this was to be the beginning of many club guest and resident sets. Dylan’s sound always evolved, always staying fresh and upfront.
Fast forward in time and Dylan has enjoyed eighteen resident and guest spots at various nightclubs across Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein

These clubs include the likes of Stonewater, Hideout, Truth, Submission and Boston Action Bar (Kzn) now Crush Night Club to name but a few.

Dylan also played at many events across Johannesburg featuring with Dj, s such as Jevon, Brian Banshee (Rip), Si Pierson, Manuel Oettl, Nick Grater, Dizzy and Speedy

Dylan’s hard work and grit eventually saw him opening the floor at Truth nightclub for the international duo of Jez and Charlie from the Uk label Tidy Trax.This has been the highlight of Dylan’s career to date and certainly was a night to remember!
Dylan has also opened for the Uk international Dj, WoNK at Truth Nightclub in September 2010

Dylan has been featured on 5fm, s Ultimix at 6 with Dj Fresh.

Over the years this Dj has made many party people smile from ear to ear and always left them wanting more.
And he plans to do that for many more years to come.


Champions (1998 to 2000)
Stardust (March 2000 to May 2000)
Hurricanes (August 2000 to December 2000)
Fusion (April 2002 to June 2002)
Hideout (September 2002 – December 2003)
Submission (January 2005 – October 2008)
Boston Action Bar , Ballito Kzn (February 2009 - June 2009)

Club Guest Appearances:

Velvet Alongside Speedy (1997)
Xtreme Alongside Tibor (May 2000)
Stonewater Alongside Tibor (May 2000 to July 2000)
Truth (November 2000 to February 2001)
Stonewater Alongside Steve Strange (April 2001 to May 2001)
Dj Café Bloemfontein (February 2002 – 8th,9th and 23rd)
Equinox (September 2002)
Fudge (December 2002)
Hurricanes (November 2003 to February 2004)
Trilogy (March 2003) , Ku De Ta (October 2005 to January 2006)
Harvey Wallbangers , Durban North (March 2009)
Traxx “Fly By Night” (March 2010) Opened for Sam Boylan
Truth feat “Wonk” Uk (September 11 2010)
Barfusion (November 27 2010)
Studio 81 feat Missred (July 6 2013)
Crush (October 18 2014)


Adrenaline Alongside Arno & Jevon
Manga Party (Personal Production)
Fluffy Hamster Alongside Brian Banshee
Divine 1, 2 and 3 (Personal Production) Featuring Simon and Manuel
Tidy Trax at Truth Alongside Jez and Charlie
Gravity 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Personal Production) Featuring D – Frost , Shaun tm, Nick Grater and Starspine
Subterrain (Diva Day)
Plug n’ Play Alongside Bobby
Plug n’ Play 2 Alongside Dizzy
Enigma Alongside D – Frost , Greg Kelly and Dizzy
Oblivion (Nelspruit)
TSF Second Birthday Bash
Equinox “Technics Dj Sessions” Alongside Speedy
Hideout Dj,s at Submission 1 to 9 (Personal Production)
Stonewater Dj,s @ Submission
Tempo,s Year end Bash 2005
Never Back Down Movie Launch Party 2008
Ballito New Years Eve Street Party U18 event 2010
Ultrafest at Voodoo Lounge 16 October 2010
Double Fusion Friday at Thymeless Tings 25 January 2013
Double Fusion Friday at Thymeless Tings 22 February 2013
Dj Sweet-IZ Birthday Bash 16th March 2013
Twisted feat Psyforia, Craig P and Seventh Sense 25th May 2013

Battle of the DJ’s:

DMC Battle of the DJ’s 1999 (Club Finals)
Quantum Battle of the DJ’s 2001 (First Place)
Equinox Battle of the DJ’s 2002 (Alongside Dizzy , Surge , Clint)
Coloddeum DJ Wars 2003 (Semi Finals)
Gemini DJ Battle 2007 (Finals)
Newscafe DJ in the Mix Competition 2008 (Qualifying round)

Dylan Has Also Been Featured On The Ultimix at 6 On 5Fm (Dj Fresh) 16/02/2009
Dylan has been featured on Sensations Radio.FM. On Daily Dosage with B+ and Da Styla 16/11/2014


House = Deep House,Bass House, Future House. Trance = Prog Psytrance and Uplifting Trance


My greatest achievement to date was opening the floor for the Tidy Trax duo of Jez and Charlie at Truth. Their style has inspired me to hold nothing back when playing a set , especially when interacting with a crowd

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