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Hazel Crest, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

https://www.twine.fm/signin - Doom/Stoner Metal


hard rock/stoner groove music - definitely Not for children without comprehension - Stoner, cannabis induced sac cloth & ash doom from recording & playing to final mix, messed up high grade pipe dreams, sci fi, dark, creepy, disturbing, revolutionary fiction, Orwellian nightmare, conceptual psychedelic, American modern historical satire, extreme paranoia, conspiracy-esk, philosophy, sorrow, regret, evil, Lucifer, occult, sarcasm, humanism, ethics & questioning leadership, religious & non-religious introspection involving social manipulation, medical marijuana & decriminalization advocate, American Apocalyptic, The Age of American Ethnic Cleansing & The American Gulag.

The world’s scientists & all the Wise men of our accursed age of war profiteering claim that we are doomed. So we small creatures croak, vibrate & howl at the moon to keep from weeping in the sunlight.

Guitar, drums/percussion, bass, keyboards, vocals, real instruments & voices warped & hideously recorded desolations played by HUMANS in ultra violent attire.

Doom Droppelganger is a dark sci fi work that envisions an American doom on the horizon due to a silent fascist take over after WW2 mounting into WW3. WW3 is a vision foretold by many; a war that will shroud the earth in darkness & change the way all life exists on our planet.

May the shared dark vision be wrong & we the greatest of fools for doubting & not believing enough at the good within. It is always possible that the future of life rests in places unknown to humanity.

(note: we apologize for the mp3 quality, if the CD ever gets released the quality cannot be compared - the price of “free music” is low quality.)

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