Extra Terrestrial (Adrian) Human (Ackers
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Last online: 4 years ago

i rap, sing , produce… this etdj ish is somethin i just do on the side , i honestly cant control it , it just comes to me and i just whip it up real quick , lately ive gotten alot of attention and admiration from my fellow djs and producers … if u have any beats that u would like to hear me work my magic on let just send em ova to me at https://www.twine.fm/signin ill give u all the tabs/ production credits . all i ask is that u listen to it /// etdj holla check out my beats on soundcloud/ the-pineears check out my band , search … lostin powers
check out my other rappers on soundcloud i produce… ray optik , konnecc , da nolas , Swag n Soul . … haha yeah like i said , i do alot CATCH UP TO MY CAMPAIGN !!!

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