Northwind Management
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Oslo, Sentrum, Norway
Last online: 2 years ago

NORTHWINDMGMT, a Norwegian management company dedicated to the discovery, promotion, marketing and innovation of musical talent.

With a degree in Music Management from the Univeristy of Hedmark in Norway, Julie and Einar founded Northwind Management with the purpose of creating a community of talent and the ability to push past all obstacles the modern music industy has to offer.
Our clients always come first and we are therefor very particular about who we choose to work with as to bring forth the highest quality of music and talent. Always struggling to grown and reach new goals, we decided to add Maria Eckhoff to our team. Maria, also with a background in Music Management from the University of Hedmark is a great addition to the team. And we hope to prove that in the year 2015, with the lineup of artist and managers we now have, Norway can be even more successful accross international borders than before.

With a background in Label management and Event supervision the team is well equipped to help shape the career of an artist from the bottom up.

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