El Kachon
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Zavine, Slovenia
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El Kachon the band

We are literally a working class band, having daily jobs just to survive and live our lives »normally«. It sometimes seems to us that we are living at the wrong time in the wrong place because of how R’n’R is been treated nowadays. Many times the obstacles are simply to high for many promising bands and they simply give up. We hope that one day, step by step, we will come to the point when music will become our full time job and occupation. Giving it all of our time and energy it can only grow better. We think of music as our life partner in good and bad, but above all it is bringing us pure joy. As our musical heroes have done for us, we want to do for other people

  • bring them our passion for music, giving them something to feed on.

A wild mixture of characters, generations, music tastes, you name it…
that is exactly what El Kachon is.
We all have previous experiences in music, we all try to participate in creating and writing our music. The music and songs are sometimes sad, sometimes angry, most of the times happy, but above all honest. We want to keep it pure, straight from the heart , for the heart.
Members of El Kachon are:
Dejan Gerbec Radaković – Sondža - bass, vocal
Spiritus agens of the band. Our guru, motivator, provider, you name it.
And of course, excellent bass player.
Andrej Barbič – Krt - guitar, harmonica, vocal
A walking encyclopedia of R’n’R. The band simply couldn’t do without his immaculate right hand pounding down the rhythm and giving the drive to our music.
Tina Gerbec Radaković - vocal
The most precious jewel of the band. If you’d like to get to know her, simply look at her face and listen to her voice.
Primož Malenšek – PimpS - percussion, vocal
The man that played with practically every big band in Slovenia as a guest musician has finally found his home rights in El Kachon. Pure nature and power is what you can hear in his playing.
Žiga Dobravc - drums, vocal
Our food destroyer, always hungry. He should actually be a Hammond player, he is simply in love with that instrument. His wet dream: Chuck Leavell playing organ on our record.
Tomi Perinčič - Slide guitar, vocal
Could even be a father to almost half of the band. A blues and beer lover, simply struggling to keep up the pace with the youngsters.
Mileta Grujić - Miša – keyboards, vocal
Creative, calm and reliable. In one word excellent. Composer and multiinstrumentalist.
Part of El Kachon that enriches and unified harmonies.
Aleš Dravinec – audio engineer
Attila the Hun, he holds conductor baton. Guilty for all the magic from the stage being even nicer carried over into the audience.

Every El Kachon song is a little story, a book, a movie, a life in miniature. In that way everyone listening to our music can find a small piece of himself in it.
Our first record In the Bush (2013) will always stay our first…as first love. Rough, some can even call it naive, but straight and pure. The name of the band El Kachon is a mixture of English, Spanish and Slovene slang and it refers to snake, but also to….well, what men are packing in their pants. Also In the bush refers to….well, to the bush in the pants. That was our little joke about these names and titles. We earned the recording and producing by winning the contest and later playing some big festivals in Slovenija. Songs like Don’t start, A new mistake, Everything I get represent really what El Kachon sound is. They were written with all band gathered, simply jamming, throwing out ideas.
Other songs have a little different background, some completely written by one author, some just partially.
Songs are singing about people poking their noses too much in other people life’s (Snakebite), or people being greedy, just piling money (What if), or simply getting fed up with all that, just wanting to get away from everything (One fine day)
Solo moon, Still, Come and get it are more or less love songs, expressing love in all possible forms and shapes. And finally, Same time same place talking about being caught in the routine of every days life.

The second album, Permanently Lubricated Nuts owes its name to the inscription on the box of the guitar nuts sold as spare parts. And again, nuts having also an alternative meaning….following in a way the name and the joke of the first album In the bush. Continuing that joke there’s of course the song Harry Balls, indicating a name of a certain gentleman and also hairy…. as a homage to good old times…
We got two beautiful gifts for the second album – lyrics for two love songs Home and Love for a dime from our friend Neda Tomaš living in Belgrade. It always looks like there is some magic going on when writing music for those lyrics – it falls together perfectly. There are of course some more love songs on the album like Funny stories and Strawberry blonde.
You can sense some melancholy in songs Call and A drop of moonshine, which is a beautiful song about moonshine whiskey, sometimes being your only friend and helping you get through some rough times.
Say what you mean is our happy happy song, always bringing some positive vibrations to us and people coming to our gigs.
Mr. Brown is criticizing every days consumerism and our disappointment in seeing that happening all around us day by day
Took too much represents Rock’n’roll in its best shape. A roaring statement right in the guts.

And yes, we always try to make a perfect match between music and lyrics.
Enjoy it, enjoy life, we are trying to do that, every step of the way!

El Kachon is the power of the cosmic energy. The bearer of the seed of universal love.
El Kachon is not just the band, it’s all those vibes and emotions that music, especially blues, can express in its deep, sometimes almost mystical way.
El Kachon is time machine, which takes you to the place where everybody feels connected as one. El Kachon is primal, it’s sincere and heading your way.

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