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Fleet, United Kingdom
Last online: 1 year ago

Elias Martell are a Fleet based Alternative Folk/Rock band. We care as much about our sound as we do our stage presence and image… Members: Kieran Thorpe- Songwriter, guitar,(Electric and Acoustic), Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjitar (6 string banjo), Violin, cuatro, Piano, recorder, vocals; Chris Hampson - Bass guitar/double bass, backing vocals; Ed Jordan - Drums/Percussion and backing vocals.

Originally formed by Kieran and Sam in 2010/2011 as mainly a cover band, it then progressed, as did the song writing, to a more serious yet still fun experience. Many drummers came and went that didn’t suit. By coincidence, one evening at a rehearsal we met our current drummer Ed, who was very quick to offer us advice and guidance from his wide range of playing in bands. Later that week, we performed at an open mic, before we played Ed asked if he could join Sam and I on stage, playing cajon.

Unfortunately, due to other commitments Ed was not able to join full time…until a year later when Sam and I needed a drummer for a gig. As that performance began, Sam and I knew that Ed would fit perfectly to complete the bands line up.

After some time gigging in many different venues, around the Hampshire area, and after being together for almost a year, Sam decided that he didn’t want to carry on with Elias Martell and wanted to focus his talents elsewhere within the music industry. With gigs and festivals lined up, including Weyfest, Ed and I needed to find someone to replace Sam or at least fill in until a replacement was found. After searching for quite some time and asking almost everyone we knew Ed’s friend Chris was available and willing to step in on the Bass for those gigs. It didn’t take long for Ed and I to realise that Chris was the perfect fit for the band. After one gig, no deliberation was needed and we welcomed Chris to the Band.

Since that, we have created an image for ourselves as well as doing what we can to differentiate ourselves and become a unique band. We hope that our music inspires our fans as well as contributing to a new wave of music.

We feel our strengths are that we have a tight rhythm section, catchy melodies, good song craft, innovative style, hard working, collaborative, we feel we have a strong unique selling point and that we are commercial.

On stage we have a strong image, strong performance skills such as: ability to control an audience with song choice and timings of these songs, some comedic value, audience participation and staging.

We have fun while maintaining a mature and professional attitude that we show with our hard work and commitment to the music and the fans. We are down to earth, well educated musicians and we aren’t the ugliest bunch of lads…well maybe except Sam.