Emanuel Lavèz (Official)PRO
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Gengenbach, Germany
Last online: 7 months ago

Emanuel Lavèz is a german producer and dj. Since 1995 he is the owner of his own company N3XTfield (Music- & AudioProductions).
Carreer progression Born in 1979, he dicovered his passion for music pretty early. He took private music lessons by a rigorous french teacher for seven years, where he learned how to play the piano, the fiddle and the guitar.
At the early age of 14 he discovered that he also enjoys recording, mixing and producing music. Two years later he founded the subsidary company 3MKA-Records and landed contracts from the USA (USA;Sherman Oaks/CA). This was quickly followed by his first DJ-jobs in big clubs with his very own style: ELECTRONIC music (House, Dance and the classics of the 1990s)
In 2005 he produced the second album of 3MKA-Records, “ElecTrue” in Sherman Oaks (USA;CA). Since 2009 he’s almost every weekend on the road, working as a DJ at clubs in Germany, Austria, France, but also in Spain and the USA.

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