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Stockholm, Norrmalm, Sweden
Last online: 1 year ago

Floormagnets is an EDM duo based in Stockholm, Sweden and consists of Johan Bystrom and Peter Wernemar. Johan and Peter met several years ago on the world’s most famous (or notorious) party island. Their all in passion for electronic dance music was the key element that brought them together.

During that era stood old fashion techno and break beat on top of their lists. The rave scene was exploding back home and Peter was already a passionate DJ and played records on a number of those events, while Johan established a studio and a record label producing house and techno tracks.

Their passion for electronic dance music has always been a faithful companion. The duo is spending loads of time in the studio, influenced by tracks from ‘back in the days’ in combination with the new fresh sound of today with the motto; a good track is allways a good track, regardless of genre and era.